Flexi Shapes

Flexi Shape objects have been assigned a keystroke so use the insert character to bring them into your work area. Use the break apart tool to customize these shapes.


Any font can be used with the Monogram features tool of the software. Watch to see how you can customize monograms

ESA Elements

ESA Elements are design objects that have been assigned a key stroke. They are totally resizable and customizable. Use the insert character when working with Elements

Flexi Fill Fonts 2 – Weld Tool

More on Flexi Fill fonts. Using the Weld tool to create one continuous object.

Flexi Fill Fonts

Flexi Fill fonts go above and beyond tradition fonts! Create dramatic effects with these flexible fonts.

Knockdown Effect on Lettering

Learn how to create a Knockdown Stitch by using outlines and offsets feature in your software.